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Guest Author Submission Guidelines

  • Content must be 100% unique
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  • Minimum length requirement is 1,000 words (typical is 1,500 words+)
  • Link to at least one article we have already posted on
  • Have a compelling introduction and a conclusion
  • Use heading, subheading, bullet lists, etc. so that it is easy to read

Please Don’t

  • Include affiliate links
  • Contact us if you are a link building agency
  • Send us content that has been published elsewhere

Please Do

  • Contact us with a pitch first if you’re uncertain if the title/topic fits our audience
  • Cite sources if you quote any facts/statistics
  • Proofread your post before sending
  • Write in American or British English with native fluency
  • Provide any images you may have that you own the copyright for

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