25 Garden Uses For Wooden Pallets for Ideas and Inspiration!

We love to reuse and recycle products that would otherwise be throw out with the trash. Especially when it comes to wooden products that we can incorporate back into nature.

Wooden pallets are robust and have many, many uses. Just check out these examples for some inspiration and the next time you get your hands on one you can put it to good use!

A wonderful home for succulents, filling the pallet in with earth and standing it vertical saves space and creates an interesting feature that will fit into small spaces. The pallet should be bracketed or attached to a wall if you’re doing this so that it doesn’t tip over.

An easy way to organize your plants into rows and create a raised bed. These are the ideal width apart for many vegetables and greens and the raised design will also keep ground pests out. Make sure you use only food grade pallets to avoid contamination.

Taking pallets apart means you’ve got loads of woody plants to work with. Deconstructing them into this tower improves the surface area without taking up more space.

Pallets are nothing more than wooden planks at their most basic. By pulling them apart and reassembling you can make these into a cute little gazebo or walkway. Add vines or climbing plants and it doubles as a trellis.

Wide pallets can be bolted upright and planters sat into the gaps. This makes a kind of shelf for vertical gardens while preventing the pallet rotting from the soil being directly in there. Perfect for herbs or strawberries.

Without having to really do anything pallets make ideal organizers for long-handled garden equipment. Attach it securely to the wall to prevent it falling over and consider sanding and painting to make it look more official rather than accidental.

Breaking apart pallets to make wooden planters is a cheap material use. Line the trays properly to prevent the wood rotting.

Pallets can also be built into simply and boxy furniture. The designs are blockish and still look like pallets so add some color and throw on some cushions for comfort. You can arrange these in a variety of different shapes.

Another vertical planter design. These little boxes are perfect for herbs that won’t get too big or small vegetables like onions or potatoes. The angled design also makes sure everything has enough light and should be securely attached as it can’t stand alone.

Adding shelves behind the pallet means you have secure shelves for small pots. By painting the pallet it stops looking like reclaimed wood and more like an official plant shelf design.

Pallet benches are simple and easy to make. Just remove the strips and add to a frame. Voila, bench or bed. Paint the slats or add a cushion for some unusual outdoor décor.

Rather impressive outdoor furniture. Closing the gap between the slats makes these look less pallet like and covered with cushions and details helps too.

Pallets are made of many different beautiful hardwoods. These show lovely color and texture once they’re finished. By creating a two-level design with two different types of wood you can really see the different colors brought out.

A raised flower bed and built-in greenhouse allow you to protect your plants and helps stop your back going bad from having to bend over to the garden.

A garden table makes potting and trimming easier on your back since you don’t have to bend down, but it takes up space. By having a folding garden table you can put it away when you’re done without giving up precious space.

Vertical gardens are popular and they can transform a boring wall as well as add a useful insulation layer. Pallets are great for small plants like succulents and aloe. By hanging the pallets in alternating designs they also add interest.

Pallet wood is often lovely hardwood which can be sanded and finished to make colorful and hardy decking. This deck walkway is a great example of that.

While there’s no river here this little bridge is a cute connection between two flower beds. Add some pots or use it for kids to play on. This would also be a nice alternative trellis.

Wooden flooring in an unusual geometric design leaves space for pebbles or potentially pots. If you set your pots on top of this they will also have somewhere to drain without rotting the wood.

A cute little birdhouse that repurposes a broken up pallet. This is also ideal for split pallet wood since the parts are pretty small so you can use a pallet that has been damaged from a different project.

A simple pallet bar that uses paving stones and paint to make a modern sideboard that is durable and practically instant to make. Bracket to the wall to stop it falling over.

Another use for small or broken bits of a pallet. These little planters are enough to cover ugly pots and keep them covered. Paint them any color you like or put designs on them.

Pallet signs are easy to make and you can paint them with just about anything. This is nice and seasonal, just in time for fall. By painting and resanding the wood you can get a weathered or distressed look.

A pallet woodshed is a much cheaper alternative than buying one. The design is simple enough and you can make it as big or small as space allows. Don’t forget a proper concrete base though and check if you need planning permission.

Modern pallet planters that are tall and sleek. By filling in the gaps these no longer look like pallets but by keeping them unfinished it keeps the rustic feeling. Fill with a planter rather than earth to preserve the wood better.

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