10 Creative Cinder Block Ideas For Your Yard

Cinder or “breeze blocks” as they are also known, don’t have to be dull. They can form an integral part of your garden design.

With so many uses, we’ve sourced just a section of the many creative ideas that exist out there on the world wide web.

A modern twist that adds bright orange pops of fall color. By alternating the drab gray brick and turning it you have the perfect space for candles. Placing pumpkins around means they’re not wasted and gives a fall feel.

Cinder blocks are made for building and they’re nice and strong. They make perfect steps and filling the holes inside will add stability and stop them from breaking loose with footfalls. Cover with any stone you like or fill with earth and plants instead.

Cinder blocks make ideal bed edging, they can also be filled with earth and used as plant pots themselves. The center makes an easy raised bed for vegetables and plants. Separate from the earth below with cardboard or garden cloth to prevent weeds coming through.

A creative and quick way to store wood. Just place a couple of 2x4s in at an angle and start stacking! Quick and easy and can be moved or placed anywhere you like.

A simple way of making a side table. Simply stack the blocks and top with another slab and done. Place whatever you want on top or paint the arrangement for a pop of color.

Succulents grow well in small spaces. The cinder blocks add excellent insulation around the roots and by stacking them you can create a beautiful multi-tiered display for your prettiest plants.

If you’ve ever wanted a fire pit but didn’t want to spend time and effort bricking everything up this easy to construct version just needs a large concrete base and some bricks stacked on top. The holes will allow for ventilation and water to drain if it rains.

Another garden edging idea similar to above. This simple concept is modern and stops pests getting into your flower beds. Separate from the grass with a few small rocks to make trimming easier and to give your plants a little space to hang over.

An outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining. Cinder blocks are ideal for building houses and outdoors so they’re strong enough to support sinks, counters, and even outdoor grills. Plaster over or tile and your outdoor kitchen will look amazing.

Cinder blocks make ideal raised beds but if you don’t like the holes or you want to create extra insulation for your plants you can cap the tops off with paving stones. This keeps the air in, the holes covered, and your garden looks neat.

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