Autumn in the garden

Although the  summer has passed, with all colors and the freshness it tells, you  can still  enjoy the beauty in your garden. The secret is to arrange the court so that you are surrounded by a harmony of colors. And fall of admiring! Orange, Red , brick, purple, silver – whether trying a harmony between them, whether you prefer the contrast, these autumnal colors dominate the landscape.

Choose species of flowers or shrubs that bloom  and so  their splendor will remove the  gloomy feeling  and cool weather. Leaf rust color , a wealth of forms, a fascinating atmosphere, you have  never seen something like this before. For  your  delight, all they have to be  prepared in advance.

First, observe the  garden, especially the  areas in need of a spot of  color. The second step is to make a visit to the flower shops or parks to see the plants of interest in this period – shrubs whose leaves acquire intense autumn colors, perennials that bloom now, etc..

Some of the most popular fall flowers are Chrysanthemums, that  are find in  a variety of colors along with gladioli, rods , Begonia , the lion’s mouth, , Marigold, dahlia – all these plants bloom from June until late autumn.

By the end of the  summer bulbs should be removed from the ground, clear the ground and kept till spring  in paper bags in a dry place. In the garden, continue to trim lawn, gathering seeds and flowers  and clean espalier fence or climbing plants which  have dried.

If you have a large garden in which trees predautumnominate, then care must be taken that they be cut and prepared for winter. All you have to do is to buy a special scissors to cut and remove dry and useless branches.

Although it is said  that it is appropriate to let the  dry leaves  on the ground, as is a good manure , this it is not always beneficial. Many of the leaves may be carriers of disease and can affect plants from soil. In this case, a leaf blower is recommended.

If you want to have evergreen plants in the garden at the appropriate time  plant them is early October. Do not miss the opportunity to plant some flowers that you can enjoy in the spring.

These include: hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and crocus . You  can enjoy  more flowers that  you can plant  like pansies, wall flowers, bells, Turkish carnation. Before planting operation, wet the  soil a day or two before. Do not forget to wet bulbs after what you planted them, but not too much.

If you have sensitive decorative trees in the garden do not forget to cover them  with a protective  foil  to protect them from frost. Two layers of foil are sufficient, depending on tree size. If you have young trees planted in spring, put around their fragile  trunks  a fence of wire or other such products to protect them from the  animals. Take care to  cover the strain!
Your garden can take a brighter look  if you paint with lime the stems of the trees. The window boxes need to be  cleaned of dried plants and be kept  in a dry place protected from frost.