Website launched for gardeners looking for impatiens alternatives

The Michigan State University Extension provides gardeners with more information about downy mildew, which has struck impatiens, and plant substitutes.
March, 2013
  • Michigan State University Extension
  • downy mildew
  • impatiens
  • The Michigan State University Extension has launched a website to help gardeners who have had problems with impatiens plantings find alternatives.

    People who planted Impatiens walleriana plants in gardens, containers and hanging baskets and saw that the leaves yellowed, curled then dropped or had a white coating on the underside may have been hit with downy mildew, according to the website.

    And, because the fungus-like pathogen can overwinter in the soil, if garden impatiens that had the disease in 2012 are planted in the same spots, the disease can strike again.

    The website provides a list of substitute, “shade-loving, colorful plants” to help prevent the disease from coming back.

    Check out the MSU Extension website for more information about downy mildew and plant alternatives.



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