Six foods to warm you up from the inside out

Try these foods to get your blood pumping during the cold months.
January, 2013
  • The dreary, dark days of winter can make a person crave hot, satisfying meals to warm them up from the inside out. Try one of these foods with great warming properties to help you keep your blood pumping

    Red or chili peppers: the capsaicin in red peppers works to improve circulation, reduce blood clotting and increase metabolic activity.

    Buckwheat: Not only is buckwheat great in heating pillows, eating it fills you up and gives you energy to face your day. Many also believe it warms the body by aiding circulation.

    Gingerroot: The smell can remind you of Christmas cookies, but ginger has long been known as a stimulating substance that aids in circulation and opens your pores. Traditional medicine methods often recommend putting a piece of ginger in your socks to keep your feet warm.

    Yams or sweet potatoes: These satisfying root vegetables can really get your body temperature cranking as they are digested. Your body needs lots of energy to stay warm in cold temperatures, and root veggies have that in spades.

    Peanuts: These legumes are high in Vitamin B3 (or Niacin) which is essential for blood circulation, expanding capillaries and a healthy metabolism.

    Green tea: The high level of flavonoids in green tea called catechins helps your artery walls from thickening, making it easier for your blood to keep pumping, and keep you warm.


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